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I am a stay at home mom that was looking for a way to use my creativity to help small businesses owners better their online marketing!

Hi there, I'm Brittany Savnik


I want to show you all my why! With this business I am able to do more with and for my family. I am able to stay home why still helping my family.

While creating for businesses is purpose

My Why

My business was started in 2018 as a mom to three young kids I loved supporting local small businesses in Ohio. I knew there was a need for online help when it came to social media. I began reaching out to mom owned small businesses and posting on Instagram for them and that was when Brittany Savnik LLC was born. A few short months later I was getting burnt out from having to be on the platform at all times. At this point I was talking to an online business who needed Pinterest management. That is when I found my true love for a platform. At this point I have worked with over 40+ businesses and I have enjoyed working with them time after time. While Pinterest isn't typically the first thing people have in mind when it comes to market I promise you if you are almost any online business this platform can be so powerful for your business when used the right way.

"Take your brands Pinterest from boring and non-converting to a platform that drives sales and leads long term"

You can do anything, but not everything

How I Like To Relax

good book & fireplace

Favorite Drink

medicine ball tea

Favorite Season


Dream Vacation

Charleston, SC

Childhood Nickname


Favorite TV Show


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