30+ Things Trending On Pinterest From Spring 2020

30 Pinterest Trends that may be beneficial for your small business in April 2020

With everything going on, Pinterest trends are a lot different this year. So as a business owner, it’s essential to pivot what we are marketing as business owners. This isn’t, an exhaustive list, but it might give you an idea of some content ideas you can pull from so that you can pivot your business accordingly.

sidewalk chalk art
care package
family meals
backyard patio
movies to watch
work at home
Sewing patterns
spring cleaning hacks
cleaning hacks
home office
interior design
work from home
easter printables
menu planning
kitchen storage
DIY desk
daily routine schedule
date night ideas at home
meals with chicken
Instagram picture ideas at home
at-home workouts
easter dinner ideas
work from home jobs
DIY face mask
host a virtual birthday
spa day at home
things to do when bored at home
banana bread recipes
homeschool room ideas
modern house design
small room decor
easter basket ideas for toddlers
baby easter basket ideas

Remember during these times it’s important to pivot and adjust the way you run things temporarily so that you are appealing to potential customers.

If you have any questions comment below and I will do my best to help you with ideas on what you can do for you business.

April 8, 2020

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30+ Things Trending On Pinterest From Spring 2020

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