5 Reasons Pinterest Should Be Part of Small Business Marketing

Today I want to go over why you, as a small business owner should be including Pinterest in your marketing plan. While we are in a scary time I know it’s not feasible for everyone to have a marketing team. I still want you to reap all the benefits even if that means you DIY it for now

Pinterest traffic has increased by 60%⁠

This makes complete sense since we are all at home so we have this burning need to stay busy with projects, complete projects around the home, and try new recipes that are easy. People are on the platform more so that should encourage you to show up.⁠

Grow Your Email List⁠

It’s a great way to grow your community and email list. If you are stuck and trying to nurture the community around your brand pivot your business and fill their cup with an opt-in that benefits them while also keeping your business in front of them!⁠

A Pin’s Half-life is AT LEAST 6 months!⁠

Since Pinterest is a search engine, that means people are constantly searching. If you create optimized content (proper image, text overlay, and keywording), your content has the opportunity to rank in pinner’s searches for MONTHS if not years!⁠

Affordable Promotions⁠

When you promote a pin on the platform, that content can bring traffic inconsistently even after your promotion ends; unlike Facebook or Instagram, your content lives on the platform after your promotion ends and will continue to convert. Lit Joy Crate says, “there was a 70% lower CPA on Pinterest than the average for all other marketing channels.”⁠

Become a Verified Merchant⁠

A new feature is an ability for product-based small businesses to acquire a verified merchant checkmark. This allows for more conversion analytics, showing up in the related feed and credibility that you are a reliable business. This Friday, I will be going over getting verified on Pinterest with my friend and client Kait from Kait Studio bout this new feature on Friday!⁠

Are you on Pinterest for your business? If not, what is holding you back from incorporating it within your business marketing?⁠

April 21, 2020

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5 Reasons Pinterest Should Be Part of Small Business Marketing

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