10 Ways To Prep Your Brand for The Holidays

I know it’s no even October yet but truth be told, it is never too soon to plan for the holiday season. While these tips seem to be geared more towards Christmas, they are great whenever you have a product drop throughout the year.

Make A Holiday Themed Pinterest Board⁠

If you don’t have one already, make a Pinterest board specifically for holiday-related content.⁠ Creating a Pinterest board is essential because you can specifically keyword every word toward your ideal customer that may be on Pinterest.

Holiday Preview Blog Post⁠

Publish a blog post highlighting your upcoming holiday product line (don’t forget to promote this on social media and pin it to Pinterest).⁠ Be sure to write at least one blog post featuring the product you will be launching for the holiday season. Creating more content will help so you can create various types of pins but will also help you out when it comes to SEO on google or Pinterest so that

Ask Your Audience

Ask your audience questions on your Instagram stories.⁠ Use polls, email marketing and going live to get perspective on Instagram. Be sure to look back on the holiday season from last year to see if it can shine a light on what worked last year.

Go Live With Friends⁠

Go live with friends in your niche and have a fireside chat about what you’re both doing to prep for the holidays and what products you’re both offering. Maybe even collaborate to create products that compliment each other.

Pin Your New Holiday Products⁠

Adjust your daily Pinterest strategy so you’re pinning both your evergreen products, fall products, and holiday products starting now.⁠

Get Your Keywords and Hashtags Ready⁣

Start researching commonly searched keywords on Pinterest (using the Pinterest search bar or the Pinterest Trends tool) and commonly used holiday hashtags on Instagram. Start incorporating these into your Pinterest pins and Instagram posts where applicable.⁣

Pin Your Old Holiday Content Starting Now⁣

Make fresh pins for any holiday content (old and new) and pin these to your Pinterest.⁣

Poll Your Audience

Post different color and product variations in your Instagram stories and poll your audience to see which they like best.⁣

Behind the Scenes Prep⁣

Take photos brainstorming and putting together your holiday products and post these to social media. These would make great Instagram stories too!⁣

Announce your Holiday Product Launch⁣

Post a countdown in your Instagram stories announcing your upcoming holiday product launch. On the day your holiday products become available, make sure to post about it in both your stories and main feed to get people excited.⁣

September 25, 2020

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10 Ways To Prep Your Brand for The Holidays

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