4 Types of Content You Can Pin For Your E-commerce Brand

Since I started my business, I have worked with a variety of small business owners. I have been helping businesses market on Pinterest for two years and have seen the success that can come from it. More specifically, I have worked with a lot of product businesses, and I love how easy it is for them to market their brand on the platform. I have seen high conversion rates, and I have witnessed Anthropology discover a company. Today I will be sharing 4 types of content you can use to market your brand on Pinterest.


While I am all about creating and offering things that make money even as a product based business it’s important to be able to offer more than just a physical product for sale. If you are a clothing company create an opt in on how to style new looks, if you’re a party shop offer a bucket list printable for the current season.

Let’s be honest people love free stuff so I say brainstorm some things that your ideal customer would want and have fun with it!


So many people that say blogs are dead and that no one reads them anymore. I don’t believe that is true for one second; while podcasts and micro-influencers are on the rise, I still feel a lot of good can come from having a blog.

I tell most of my clients that while having a blog isn’t necessary for your business, it can provide valuable information about your brand, services, and products. Still, it can also allow people to connect with you on a more personal level.

If your product business is on Pinterest, having a blog allows for more flexibility on the type of content you share. It’s essential to keep your ideal audience in mind so that they can see that there is a human on the other end of the monitor. For example, I have a couple of e-commerce clients ( The Wishing Elephant and Ellie and Piper.) While they offer products, they also both have a blog on their website. Ellie and Piper shares behind the scenes look at party inspiration, and The Wishing Elephant shares everything from holiday food ideas, to launch details and crafts ideas for kiddos.


Promoting the actual products themself is a no-brainer. Still, I know so many people who own product-based businesses who don’t take advantage of using Pinterest, but with their new addition of merchant verification, promoted pins and in-depth analytics it is a game-changer.

Email List

Ok, this is one that even I am terrible at keeping up with, but it’s SO important. While social media is a lot of fun, let’s be honest you don’t own the account, so if that platform disappeared then what? Having an email list is a great way to have access to contact information. I remember when Instagram had an outage months ago, a lot of business owners panicked. What if you have a launch or a promo going and can’t announce it on social media? Businesses that had a stable email list were still able to reach out to their customers to make them aware of a specific promotion or sale was happening.

While this isn’t an end all be all. If you have the following types of content it’s safe to say you will have plenty variety to work with when it comes to creating fresh pins for the Pinterest platform.

August 16, 2020

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4 Types of Content You Can Pin For Your E-commerce Brand

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